Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where Will T.O. play next season

Free Agent Wide Reciever Terell Owens, known more commonly as T.O. is looking for a new team after not reupping with the Buffallo Bills after having his worse season in years.  Most people would think that Owens, a pretty much a surefire Hall of Famer would have every team in the league ringing his phone off the hook.  Unfortunately for him his ego is well known throughout the NFL and country so even though he is still a very good reciever he would be a locker room cancer, a turn off for a lot of fans, and he wouldn't be a very good influence on the young players on the team.  Luckily For him though there are still two teams that are reportedly interested in him, the St. Louis Rams who are desperate for talent at all positions, and the Cincinnati Bengals, who seem to sign every troubled player in the NFL. 

Yesterday the Bengals seemed like they had all but locked up Owens from the Rams when TMZ reported that they were "very close to a deal," but after two sources "very close" to the situation falsified the reports the negotiations, if there are any are  back up in the air.  After the reports were denied, the Rams showed that they were extremely interested by intesifying talks and a  high ranking official with the Rams said a contract could be offered to Owens as early as Monday.  This huge push from the Rams comes from the fact that although Owens could end up as a bad influence, there is a lot he could teach to the Rams young recieving corps.  Also adding T.O.'s presence will take pressure of te running game and will give rookie Sam Bradford a clear cut number one reciever to throw to.

The Bengals are still very interested in Terrell tough and Starting Quarterback Carson Palmer who when healthy is one of the best in the NFL is pushing hard for the Bengals to bring Mr. Owens in.  The Bengals though, before they bring in anyone want to see how their young recievers cando and how Antonio Bryant's knee holds up.  If they do add T.O. though they will have a very dangerous vertical game, adding Terrell's speed to home run threat Chad Ochocinco.

Right now though, I believe Owens will be in St. Louis next season teaching and preaching to the young guns while helping Sam Bradford's adjustment to the NFL be a smooth one.


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